Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cheer List

Okay girls: here goes our cheer list. If we have taught it at practice it has a name by it or a *. We will review all these next practice. By next Monday, girls who are assigned cheers to be made up--have them. You can review DVDs, use youtube or make up---just keep them short and sharp---4-8 words is more than enough for chants. Also review the DVD so you can teach the remaining defense and offense cheers. We need to get all these taught so we can focus on routines at camp and just be reviewing and finetuning cheers.

Make sure and practice these at home until they are committed to memory.

Cheer Starter
1. Katie B-L-U-E Go Blue
2. Salena Blue and White Blue and White XX
3. Victoria G-O- Let’s Go Blue G-0 Let’s Go G
4. Gaby H-U-S-T-L-E Hustle Blue XXX Hustle White XXX
6. Allie Go Go Cats Cats Everybody Let’s Hear You Yell Go Go Cats Cats (DVD 2008))
7. Hannah S-SC-SCARED We got em Scared Woo Shaking In their knees
8. Jesica Hey Blue Hey White Go XGoX
9. Rylee Wildcats Go Wildcats Fight Wildcats Win Wildcats Go Fight Win (DVD 2008)
10. Alyssa Hey Hey What Do You Say Let’s Go Cats
11. Katy Let’s Go Big Blue Let’s Go
12. Rachel To the G to The ) Pump it Up

13. Jessica C-A-T-S Blue and White’s the Best
14. Katie To the G To the O Yell it Go Go
15. Allie We’re Here XX to Beat the Bears
16. Alyssa We’re Number One O-N-E, We’re on the Top T-O-P We’re number one, we’re on the top We can’t be stopped
17. Katy Hey, Hey Go Fight Win, Hey Hey Go Fight Win, Hey Hey Go Fight Win Right to the very end
18. RAchel Yes We’re the Best We are the C-A-T-S
19. Hannah You gotta go to fight, You gotta fight to win, You gotta go fight win
20. Gaby B-E-A-T Beat the Bears
21. Kristen Blue White Come on Cats Let’s Fight
22. Salena L-E-T-S Let’s Go, Let’s Go
23. Victoria Blue White Blue White Go Cats (DVD 2008)
24. Rylee Go Go Wildcats Everybody Yell Go Wildcats

25. Rachel (please review DVD to teach) Wildcats Come On Fire It Up Blue White Wildcats Come On Fire It Up Wildcats Go Wildcats (DVD 2008)
26. Jessica G-O Go Cats Go (2010 Tryout DVD)
27. Rylee Let’s Go Blue (2010 Tryout DVD)
28. Allie Go Wildcats, We’re the Best, We’re number one, , We are the C-A-T-S
29. B-E- A-GG-RESS-IVE, Be Aggressive Be Be Aggressive
30. Gaby More Power to the Hour
31. Alyssa Wildcats Attack
32. Hannah Wildcat Heat
33. Salena
34. Katy
35. Victoria
36. Katie

1. D* DefenseXDefense Hustle
2. D Push Em Back Wildcats Hold that LIne
3. D Hold EM Defense Push Em Back Wildcat Team will Attack
4. D* Hold that Line Defense Wildcats Defense
5. D* Defense Get Tough Get Tough, Defense Get Tough
6. D* Hit Em Hit Em again, Harder Harder
7. D Come on Blue Attack, Defense Push Em Back
8. D Wildcats Tighten Up and hold that line
9. D H-O-L-D Hold that line
10. D Push Em Back, Hit Em Hard ,Make Em Fight for Every Yard
11. D* D-E-F-E-N-S-E Defense Wildcats Defense
12. D* Defense XX DefenseXX DefenseXX

13. D* D-E-F-E-NSE Defense Defense
14. D Defense Wildcats Come On Wildcats Hold That Line
15. D Let’s Go Defense, Let’s Go
16. D Wildcats Attack Sack that Quarterback (DVD 2008)
17. D* Defense Defense Hold that Line (DVD 2008)
18. D
19. D
20. D
21. D
22. D
23. D
24. D

1. O* S-C-O-R-E Score Cats Score
2. O* Take the Ball down the Field and Score 6 More
3. O* Push Through, Push Through, Push through that line (DVD 2008)
4. O* Touchdown, Touchdown We want a Wildcat Touchdown
5. O* M-O-V-E Move that Ball
6.. O* First and 10, Do it Again Go Fight Win
7. O* Touchdown Wildcats We Want 6
8. O Wildcats, Let’s Score XDown the field X6points more
9. O Touchdown, Touchdown Go Cats
10. O Wildcats need a Touchdown, Hey Move that Ball
11. O What Do We Want-Touchdown, Touchdown
12. O T-D T-D We want a Wildcat Touchdown
13. O* Now’s the Time Offense, Move that Ball
14. O Come on Cats Let’s Score 6 More
15. O Offense Offense Go Go Offense Offense GO
16. O Touchdown, Let’s Score We Want Six More
17. O Cats Cats We Want a Touchdown (DVD 2008)
18. O* Move It Move It Go Cats Go (DVD 2008)
19. O Drive the Ball Down the Field Score 6 (DVD 2008)
20. O
21. O
22. O
23. O
24. O

Time Out Cheers—Anybody Can Call!
Get Up for the Wildcats, Everybody Get Up (Only in really close, high spirit situations)
Hogeye (really close situations)
GO XX Go XX Go Big Blue Go

Quarter Break
We need 4 good Cheers with Pyramids or Stunts
Let's look at tryout DVD and see if those cheers would work.

Half-Time Routines
1. Tryout Dance, Blue-Blue White-White with Stunts
2. Hip Hop Routine we learn at Camp
3. Competition Routine (we will try to do thsi 8th grade night)

Warm Up Jacket Embroidery Voting

Okay girls: go to www.dakotacollectibles.com From there, look at the Wildcat designs and paw designs by typing the words "wildcat" and "paw" into the keyword search. To vote, txt me the design number of your 1st and 2nd choice. Example:
1st MA 1244 and 2nd design with paw and wildcats that we have on paper. Realize they can change colors from the pictures to make it match what we want. If anyone ended up with a pair of the pants in their bag please let me know--Adult Medium is missing--I searched the church so I think it went with someone on accident.

To make this fun, I'll repost the top 3 designs at 9PM tonight and give you until 11PM to cast a final vote. I think I'll let it be a surprise which one wins and let you find out when jackets come in. My plan is to have everything (warmups, jerseys, t's, crop tops, bags, etc in by July 12 and give everything out (uniforms and poms too if everyone will get in uniform agreements) at 2:30PM that day as we conclude stunt clinic. Jsut make sure your account is paid in full by next Thursday so I can give you all your items (I'll send a balance sheet home next practice to show what you owe--remember fundraisers count toward your balance).

Happy Voting!!

MA 1364 and MA 1244 were the top vote getters; vote for your first choice of these 2 and I'll call it in first thing tomorrow so they can get working on them. Just txt me your choice---it is tied as I type so we'll see how it turns out. I will not break the tie; if it is tied I'll let the embroidery shop make the call and I'll be surprised with you (I like both!) However it turns out, we'll have unique warm ups!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

July Dates and Notes

Dates to remember:

Monday, July 12 Stunt Clinic 8AM-3PM FUMC--be there on time or early!
Tuesday, July 13 8AM-11AM Practice FUMC
Thursday, July 14 8AM-11AM LMS Playground
July 15 July payment of $170 due (150 camp, 20 hairbow)
July 14, 15, 16 Concessions Stand at Overton County Fair Pageants--Every girl and parent(s) needs to work one night (5PM-9PM including set up and clean up)
July 19-23 8AM-5PM Our Private Camp at LA - you need to be ready to start at 8-shoes on, hair up, phone put away, ready to focus on learning routines
Tuesday, July 27 8-11AM Practice FUMC
Thursday, July 29 8-11AM Practice FUMC

Make sure you know all your cheers; games are just around the corner.
After July, Monday practices will be for games--cheers and stunts; Friday practices will be devoted to competition routines!

2010-11 Competitions

These are the four competitions we will compete in this season. We hope to enter both a cheer and dance routine at the 3 one day competitions (Jamfest is just too hectic and costly to attempt this). The final competition is at the Wilderness of the Smokies Waterpark Hotel so this should be fun for the girls.

Nov 13 Country Jam in Nashville
Nov 20 Gameday in Hixson
Dec. 4-5 Jamfest (cheer routine only)--Gatlinburg
Recommended Hotel Fairfield Inn & Suites Gatlinburg North
168 Parkway
Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738 USA
Phone: 1-865-430-3659
Fax: 1-865-430-3798

Toll-free: 1-866-430-3659
Ask for a room in the Overton County Junior Wildcats Block to get our group rate! All unreserved rooms will be released on September 15 as the hotel is already booked solid for Jamfest. This hotel runs a shuttle to the convention center and has a complimentary breakfast!
January 22 Smokey Mountain Championship at Waterpark Hotel/Convention Center I hope to have hotel information on this one soon. We should be done competing by 3PM so the girls can enjoy the waterpark that evening.

We will not be able to host a Gameday Competition in Livingston as hoped for this year. As LA doesn't have a second gym or other area suitable for the practice/warmup area, this is not possible.

I believe this will offer our squad some good competiton experience while not interfering with basketball season (the 22nd should be bantam tourmament if it stays the same as recent years). We will be done before county and state tournaments so we won't be dealing with those schedules!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

June News

Our first stunt clinic was very productive!

Starting June 1, we will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8AM-11AM all but the week of June 7-11 which is LA Cheer Camp. (I will be out of town on the Beta DC trip but hope most of our girls will attend this and support the high school squad.) We will not practice on Mondays this month!

Carwash is scheduled for Saturday, June 12--Time 8AM-1PM--Each girl is encouraged to sell 10 $5 tickets to help fund purchase of the crop top to match our uniforms. All girls will need to bring a sponge, a bucket, some old cleaning towels/cloths, and a bootle of carwash. If you have a good hose and sprayer please let us know if you can loan it for the day. Girls can wear a bathing suit under clothing but need to keep a T-shirt and shorts on. Girls please make some posters to hold by the road; you will take turns standing on the sidewalk trying to get some drive in business. Parents, we need all the help we can get. In my experience, the girls have a lot of fun but need our guidance and help to actually clean the cars. The girls will need to leave at 12:45 to go to the square to perform; if some parents and siblings could finish up the carwash we would greatly appreciate it. This is the only spot we could get for a performance at the Hogeye Festival. (Girls will need to have LA Camp shirt, shorts and cheer shoes ready for a quick change at 12:30). If we aren't getting business, we will close down early---if the carwash is going strong we will go perform and rush back to wash some more cars.

Girls need to be practicing their cheers at home; parents please ask them to show you what they are learning. We need to have all these down before our camp in July when we will switch gears to competiton routines.

We will begin contacting businesses to sponsor us toward the end of the month. Be thinking about which businesses you would like to contact. By signing up for specific businesses, we can avoid annoying local businesses with multiple contacts. These sponsorships provide footballs and T's for the girls to throw at games and help cover group expenses.

Warmups and Jerseys are ordered and should be in for try ons shortly. Please make sure you have turned in your May Payment/Order form so I have all your information to get items personalized with name/number/etc. Your May and June payments will need to be current to pay for these times when they are complete around mid-June (if you fundraised enough to cover this just note that on order forms).

Dates to Note on Calender:
Tuesday, June 1 8-11AM Practice at LMS
Thursday, June 3 8-11AM Practice at LMS
June 7-11 LA Cheer Camp 8AM-Noon Daily
Saturday, June 12 8AM-1PM Carwash at Advance Auto- Goal 10 Cars Each Tickets $5
Tuesday, June 15 8-11AM Practice at First United Methsodist Church (FUMC)
Thursday, June 17 8-11AM Practice at FUMC
Tuesday, June 22 8-11AM Practice at FUMC
Thursday, June 24 8-11AM Practice at FUMC--Turn in Catalog/Cup orders and payment
Accounts must be current with May/June Payments so that you can receive warmups, jerseys, bags, t-s, etc as they come in!
June 27-July 9 TSSAA Deadweeks--enjoy time with your family and friends.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May News

Only 2 weeks into practice, conditioning is off to a great start. The first 24 of the 84 ffotball sideline cheers have been taught. Basic stunts are being mastered to prepare for stunt clinics. Our first fundraiser, while challenging and stressful, was a success in that it put money into many of your accounts to cover yout warmups, stunt clinic, etc. That is the goal of fundraisers: to help the girls cover their expenses!

Dates to remember:
Friday, May 21 4PM Girls Fitting with Varsity at LA/Order cheer shoes if needed
Parents meet briefly to plan carwash for June
Make sure and turn in order/payment form for May so I can order your warm-ups and jerseys.

Monday, May 24 Practice 3:15-5:15
Tuesday,May 25 Stunt Clinic at LMS 8AM-3PM Bring your own sack lunch!
Wednesday, May 26 11-2 Splash into Summer Pool Party at City Pool--Bring all your 5-8th grade friends --$5 admission benefits the Junior Cats Football and Cheer Programs. The coaches(football and cheer) will be working along with lifeguards so you just come and enjoy with your friends! Concessions stand will be open!
Thursday, May 27 Practice Cancelled due to Teacher Inservice and in view of our busy week! Enjoy some family time and take a long Memorial Day Weekend before our summer practices resume on Tuesday, June 1.

TUMBLING PRACTICE: If we can all make tumbling this summer, it will be optional (highly recommended) once school starts back in August. I hope you will want to continue but I realize time and finances may make this impossible. If we had mats, we could do the beginning work here--I keep hoping for a windfall! I can already see the girls who have been there a few weeks making progress.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Highlights for 2010-2011 Calendar

April 12 & 14 Tryout Clinic
April 15 Tryouts--Results Posted
April 26 Parent Mtg 6PM
May Practice Mondays and Thursdays 3:30-5:30PM
May 18 Ruby Tuesday Boxed Lunch Fundraiser
May 25 Stunt Clinic #1
May 26 Splash Into Summer Party
June/July Summer Practice 2-3 Days Week Except for Camp Weeks and Dead Weeks (June 28-July 9) 8-11AM
June 12 Hogeye Festival: Performance/Carwash
June 7-11 Livingston Academy Wildcats Cheer Camp 8AM-Noon Daily
July 12-13-15-16 Daily Practice 4 Days This Week--Get Ready for Camp
July 12 2nd Stunt Clinic
July 19-23 8AM-5PM Junior Cats Private Cheer Camp
August 6 Photo Day
August 7 Football Jamboree
August Back to School means practice moves back to 3:30-5:30 Mondays and Fridays
Thursdays are Gamedays (practice if not)
Aug/Sept/Oct M-F Practices / Thr. Night Football Games
September MTSU Spirit Day: Stunt Clinic and Performance at MTSU Game
Oct. ?? Blue and White Rally Dance
Oct. ?? Junior Cats Championship Football Game
October-DecemberPractices will be on Mondays from 3-5 so girls can leave to go cheer or play in elementary school basketball games around the county (we will let those playing out of county leave to catch bus when needed) and Fridays from 3-5 or 5-7 depending on gym scedule. Mondays may be tough but at least our practice won't overlap with school squad practices so girls can do both.
October 30 Blackman Competition
November 06 Gameday at Hixson
November 7 TTU Competition
Nov. 20 Gameday Competition
December 4-5 Jamfest in Gatlinburg
December 11 Christmas Parade and Christmas/ End of Season Party
December TBA Perform at LA